Faculty Members

Gudrun Bühnemann

Credentials: Professor of Sanskrit and Indic Religions

Anthony Cerulli

Credentials: Professor of South Asian Studies

Position title: 1232 Van Hise Hall

Miki Chase

Credentials: Shri Anantanatha Chair in Jain Studies

Charo D'Etcheverry

Credentials: Department Chair; Professor of Classical Japanese Literature

Anatoly Detwyler

Credentials: Assistant Professor of Modern China Studies

John D. Dunne

Credentials: Distinguished Professor of Contemplative Humanities

Naomi Geyer

Credentials: Associate Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Tyrell Haberkorn

Credentials: Director of Graduate Studies; Professor of Southeast Asian Studies

Rania Huntington

Credentials: Associate Chair; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Professor of Chinese Literature

Jamal Jones

Credentials: Assistant Professor of South Asian Studies

Adam L. Kern

Credentials: Professor of Japanese Literature & Visual Culture

Position title: Office Hours: Tuesdays 9-10am or by appointment

Byung-Jin Lim

Credentials: Associate Professor of Korean Linguistics

Junko Mori

Credentials: Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Eunsil Oh

Credentials: Assistant Professor of Korean Sociology

Steven Ridgely

Credentials: Associate Professor of Modern Japan Studies

Weihua Zhu

Credentials: Associate Professor of Chinese Linguistics