Faculty Members

Erlin Barnard

Pedagogy Coordinator for Less-Commonly Taught Languages

Gudrun Bühnemann

Professor of Sanskrit and Indic Religions

Anthony Cerulli

Associate Professor of South Asian Studies

Charo D'Etcheverry

Associate Professor of Classical Japanese Literature

Anatoly Detwyler

Assistant Professor of Modern China Studies

John D. Dunne

Distinguished Professor of Contemplative Humanities

Naomi Geyer

Associate Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Tyrell Haberkorn

Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies

Rania Huntington

Professor of Chinese Literature

Seunggon Jeong

Assistant Director of the Korean Flagship

Adam L. Kern

Professor of Japanese Literature & Visual Culture

Hieyoon Kim

Assistant Professor of Korea Studies

Byung-Jin Lim

Associate Professor of Korean Linguistics

Junko Mori

Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Takako Nakakubo

Faculty Associate in Japanese Language

William H. Nienhauser, Jr.

Halls-Bascom Professor of Classical Chinese Literature

Eunsil Oh

Assistant Professor of Korean Sociology

Steven Ridgely

Associate Professor of Modern Japan Studies

Hongming Zhang

Professor of Chinese Linguistics

Tianlu Zhang

Faculty Associate in Chinese Language

Weihua Zhu

Assistant Professor of Chinese Linguistics