ALC Internal Information, Documents, and Forms

Notification of Upcoming Absence

Activity Reports

  • Submit your activity report here


  • Student Hourly Hire Process – link to form will be added soon.
  • Reader/Grader Requests – link to form will be added soon.
  • Honorary Fellow Procedure


Policies and Procedures

Funding support request for Professional Development, Events, and Classroom Supplies

ALC Discretionary PD and Instructional Support Request Form

  • Have something you need to get funded? Above is a request form where you can detail what exactly you need & from who!


Technology Purchasing

Chair Office Hours

Sign-up to meet with Charo D’Etcheverry in her capacity as department chair here.

Staff and Office Guide



  • Donor/Department Newsletters – Tracy

    • Sent out quarterly
    • Goes to donors via email + sent via email to department lists
    • Tracy will email department quarterly to receive news items
    • Primary audience/purpose: Donors – to give donors a sense of activities / accomplishments in department
    • Inform donors of fundraising opportunities (Fill the Hill, Day of the Badger, etc)
    • Highlight funds we have in the department

    eNews – Rachel + Social Media Intern

    • Sent out weekly during academic year (using Mailchimp)
    • Goes to a large list of department faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and folks to self select to join the newsletter email (this email list is maintained by Rachel directly in Mailchimp)
    • Faculty/staff/students send Rachel items to add + Rachel and intern reach out to folks for stories as needed
    • Primary audience/purpose:: weekly compilation of campus events pertaining to Asian Studies, highlights from faculty, staff, students, opportunities/scholarships/grants for students, jobs, etc.

    Website – Shared

    ALC staff share the responsibility of maintaining the website.

    • About us, People (faculty and staff) – Jenn
    • Support ALC – Tracy
    • Graduate Programs, People (graduate students) – Tia
    • Incoming Students, Undergraduates, Courses, Languages, People (Affiliates, Senior Profiles, Peer Mentors, Emeritus) – Rachel
    • News, Events, Publications – all
    • MY ALC – Jenn

Printers and Copiers

All printers and copier machines are located on the 12th floor, in Room 1239. At this time, our main machine is a Ricoh multi-purpose device that prints, copies and scans.

Instructions for setting up the printer on your computer are available from LSS TechZone and instructions differ based on whether you have an Apple (macOS) or PC (Windows) computer.



Copier Codes

Building/Resources Policies & Information

Other Policies and Procedures

Classroom Requests

Syllabus Submittal

According to UW Policy 1086 departments must retain syllabus records of courses taught in their department. It is expected that syllabi from all course sections will be retained for a period of no less than 10 years.

Each term, the link below will be updated and each instructor will be expected to upload their syllabi for the current term.

  • Submit your syllabi here

Course Info Sheets

Please submit your Course Info Sheets for each course you are planning on teaching for the upcoming semesters.

Each term, the link below will be updated and each instructor will be expected to upload a Course Info Sheet for each of their courses for the upcoming semester.

  • Submit your Course Info Sheets here (link to be added once request is emailed out)


Course and Program Proposals


ALC Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship Questionnaire – link will be added and announced when opened

ALC Professional Development Request for Graduate Students – link will be added and announced when opened

OWL Video Conference

Please complete the Google form at least 3 days prior to the day in which you want to use the OWL.

Van Hise Seminar Room Reservations

The language Institute manages the reservations of Van Hise seminar rooms 951, 1051, 1251, 1351, and 1418. Please submit the online form to request a reservation.

L&S Learning Support Services (LSS) Classrooms

LSS has four classrooms in Van Hise that are available for reservations to L&S departments for no cost. More information about the classrooms and how to request a room reservation are available on their website.

Reading Room, Van Hise 1220

Bradley Memorial, Room 316

Bradley Memorial, Room 324

Email Lists – ALC Department faculty, staff, affiliates, Grad Students, Honorary Fellows and FLTA. All can post. – ALC Department Committee members, which includes all faculty, all academic staff instructors, all admin staff members, and three grad student representatives. – ALC faculty members with tenure, the department Chair (if not already a member), and the department Administrator. – all graduate students enrolled in one of the ALC grad programs, the department Chair, the department Director of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Studies Coordinator, and the Department Administrator. – all Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) for the current academic year, pedagogy coordinator/supervisor – all graduate students with a Teaching Assistant appointment for that term, the Chair, the DA, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Studies Coordinator. Note that this does NOT include fellows, PAs, or other positions graduate students may hold during a term.