About Us

Asian Languages and Cultures is home to nearly twenty faculty whose research and teaching specialities range from traditional medicine in India, the history of yoga, or diversifying contemporary mindfulness practice with insights from Tibetan Buddhism, to human rights in Thailand – from Chinese ghost stories, traditional poetics and philology, to sociolinguistics and discourse analysis of the Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian languages – and from analysis of classical Japanese tale fiction, early modern comedic narratives, manga, anime, and Japanese counterculture.

Our language instructors design and implement courses that efficiently build proficiency in Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Thai, Tibetan, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Our administrative staff is a team of three comprising a Department Administrator, a Financial Specialist, and an Undergraduate Advisor & Graduate Program Coordinator.

The Asian Languages and Cultures community includes over two hunderd and fifty undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or certificate; sixty graduate students pursuing the MA or PhD degree; and we typically host around a dozen concurrent honorary fellows.