Peer Mentors

2021 Peer Mentors

Angela Glowacki Junior She/her/hers Chinese major and Community & Nonprofit Leadership (BS, SOHE)
Erika Kay-Tsumagari Sophomore She/her/hers Biochemistry/Pre PharmTox and Japanese major (BS, L&S)
Emma Kempf Junior She/her/hers Chinese major, International Studies major, Environmental Studies certificate (BA, L&S)
Thekla Ketcher Junior She/her/hers Chinese major, Psychology major, Honors in the Liberal Arts, Digital Studies certificate (BA, L&S)
Ellie Scheirey Junior She/her/hers Economics major, and Certificate in Chinese Professional Communication, and Sports Communication Certificate (BA, L&S)
Ariana Zins Sophomore She/her/hers Chinese major & International Studies major: Global Security Emphasis (BA, L&S)

Peer Mentor Committees

Social Media Committee: Angela Glowacki, Erika Kay-Tsumagari, Emma Kempf, Ellie Scheirey, Ariana Zins

Peer Mentor Application

The Undergraduate program in the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures is looking for current Asian Languages & Cultures, Chinese, and Japanese majors and certificate students to volunteer to serve as Peer Mentors and serve on the ALC Undergraduate Council. Peer Mentors should already be declared and have taken multiple courses towards their major.

Application deadline April 19, 2021

Minimum Requirements:

  • Freshman and Sophomores are welcome to join the council, preference for Juniors and Seniors to serve in the capacity of Peer Mentors.
  • Interest in building community in the department, across regional and linguistic interests.
  • Declared in an ALC program (ALC, Chinese, or Japanese certificate or major)
  • Able to serve as a Peer Mentor for one academic year (i.e. graduating no earlier than May 2022)

Peer Mentors must be willing to:

  • Attend UG council meetings twice a month.
  • Meet (or communicate by email) with prospective high school and/or transfer students.
  • Answer emails from current/prospective students in a professional and timely manner.

Benefits to being a Peer Mentor are:

  • Enhancing your resume and reference list.
  • Networking and collaborating with fellow members of the ALC department.
  • Developing and/or improving your communication and leadership skills.

If you are interested, please apply by Application deadline April 19, 2021.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Weiss at