Yilin Shi

Credentials: Sophomore, Japanese Professional Communication Certificate with majors in Computer Science, Data Science, and Math

Pronouns: he/him/his

Website: Introduction Video

Languages Studied:
Spanish and Japanese

What I can Share with other students:
If you have a STEM heavy course load but still want to learn one foreign language in the ALC department, I can share my experiences of taking four STEM courses and one fourth semester Japanese course (20 credits in total) in the second semester of my freshman year. I am also happy to communicate with those who wants to major in STEM and gain an ALC major or certificate and discuss how to fit that into the plan. In addition, I am also willing to share my experience in learning Japanese and talk about learning a foreign language outside the textbook!

Fun Fact:
I am a classical music composer who loves Japanese pop music, Chinese classical music, and Western classical music. I am now composing my No.3 Symphony Hero. My informal dream is to become a Pokemon Master who owns a Zeraora (Zap cat) and a composer who is as famous as Beethoven.