Senior Profiles

Bojian Chen

Bojian Chen

BS, Asian Languages & Cultures – East Asian Studies and Computer Science certificate (College of Letters & Science)

Interest: I started with my interests in Asian literatures but other classes about sociopolitical perspectives of Asia I took were the real reason for my major.

Classes: My first class is Asian 100: Revolutionary Asia, and this class provoked my interests and curiosity to explore more about Asia.

Recommendations: Taking classes of whatever you like about Asia and you will be amazed by professors and their knowledges here.

Memories: I enjoyed communicating with professors and staffs here in the community and they were very good memories of mind.

Future: I plan to apply GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies) program in South Korean universities.

Persephone Valentine

Persephone Valentine

BS, Life Sciences Communication (College of Agricultural & Life Sciences), and Chinese major 

Interest: I’ve always enjoyed studying languages. I came to Madison because I heard the language program was great, and in my freshman year I enrolled in intro Chinese. I continued with the program because of the supportive and amazing faculty that fostered my interest in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.

Classes: My first class ever in this department and UW Madison was intro to ASIALANG 101. The most impactful was how kind, caring, and knowledgeable the professor and TAs were. They made class incredibly engaging and fun.

Recommendations: Always pursue opportunities presented to you to practice your language skills. You’re going to get to know a lot of interesting people in your ALC classes with different interests, backgrounds and career goals, especially compared to other programs. It’s been an incredible space where I’ve met some of my closest friends.

Activities: I would go to weekly Chinese Tables hosted by CLACC to practice my listening and speaking Chinese skills with classmates and native Chinese speakers.

Memories: Sitting in a classroom in Van Hise before class starts and starting friendships with people that were passionate about learning Chinese like I was.

Future: Continue to study Chinese and find a graduate program I’m interested in.

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Kristien Nguyen

Kristien Nguyen

BS, Chinese and International Studies, with East Asian Studies certificate, Business certificate, College of Letters & Science

Interest: I began studying Chinese in high school and since then I knew I wanted to continue learning it at the collegiate level.

Classes: My first class was Chinese 202 with Professor Zhu with Lan and Wu laoshi. I loved how encouraging and supportive everyone was and also loved all my classmates. I met some of my closest friends throughout college in this class!

Recommendations: Take a language class! Language classes are not only fun, but we have an amazing department, supportive and helpful teachers.

Activities: Chinese Language and Culture Club, Vietnam Health Project.

Memories: Meeting all my friends through Chinese courses and CLACC. I met some of my closest friends in college because of the ALC community and I’m really grateful to have been apart of it during my undergraduate experience. Also, all the professors and TA’s are wonderful so being able to learn from them has been a complete joy! 😀

Future: I hope to continue learning Chinese even after college and I hope to travel to China one day to practice my Chinese with locals!

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Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021! We are extremely proud of our graduates. As you can see from their profiles, the future looks bright for these Badgers, and the world. On, Wisconsin!

We asked all our seniors to reflect on these questions to create their senior profiles:

  1. How did you get interested in studying an Asian Language & Culture in college?
  2. What was your first class that you remember in our department, and what was most impactful?
  3. What would you say to an incoming freshman exploring a major or certificate in the ALC department?
  4. What activities were you involved with on campus that supported your academic experiences in the classroom (ie student orgs, clubs, internships, volunteering, jobs)?
  5. What is a memory that you will take with you from being a part of the UW-Madison ALC / Chinese / Japanese community?
  6. What are your hopes, plans, and dreams for the future?

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