Undergraduate Workshops

Internships in Asia

Nathaniel Liedel, from International Internship Program, provided an information session for students interested in Internships in Asia, on September 20, 2023. Check out the recording. September 22, 2023.

Language Careers Beyond Translation

Emmeline Prattke from SuccessWorks presented an info session for language students in Letters & Science on Language Careers Beyond Translation work on April 17th, 2023. Check out the recording

Information Session on the CET Summer Chinese Intensive Program in Taiwan

The International Academic Program has recently approved a new study abroad program in Taiwan for UW-Madison students through CET. The administrators for CET’s Asia programs shared information about the Summer Language Intensive program during a Zoom information session (on Jan 2, 2023), check out the recording. They also shared this document at the session CET Taiwan Internship Packet.

Language Careers Beyond Translation

Check out the video recording of Emmeline Prattke (Career & Internship Specialist with SuccessWorks) presentation for ALC Students on Language Careers Beyond Translation.

How do you articulate the skills you have gained as an ALC, Chinese or Japanese major, and how do you communicate the value of your liberal arts education to employers? This workshop will address these questions and discuss strategies for the job search beyond translation and teaching abroad.

Getting to South Korea: Chat with UW Students Abroad

On Monday, February 28th four UW students and alumni Zoomed from South Korea to share their experiences with various programs, and responded to questions from participants. Session was recorded. Anitha and Hannah also created this presentation UW Madison Korea Opportunities for the session.

Teaching English in Asia and other Internships

On Feb 10, 2022, Nathaniel Liedl, International Internship Program advisor, shared resources for searching for positions in Asia. View the recording of the information session.

Getting Started: Careers in Interpreting and Translation

Session I:  Speaker: Fayme Filipiak, Owner & Founder, Midwest Connect Interpreters & Translators LLC, a full-service language agency serving all of Wisconsin in over 35 languages.

Click here for recording of this session, the following was discussed:
· The difference between Translation and Interpreting
· Interpreting modes and different ways of interpreting
· Interpreter and Translator specializations
· How to become a translator and/or interpreter
· Certificates and Certifications
· What employers are looking for in an interpreter or translator
· Interpreter/Translator salary and rates
· Professional Code of Conduct for Interpreters and Translators
· Tips on how to be a good interpreter and/or translator

Session II: Speaker: Natalie Rasberry, Owner & Founder, Atlantic Interpreters, a language interpretation and translation services company that is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Atlantic Interpreters is a full-service language services provider that offers services nationwide in over 200 languages including the top 20 global languages. Atlantic Interpreters Career Path Info Session Presentation.

Get connected:
For more information about Cross-Cultural Communications: www.cultureandlanguage.net
For more information about The Community Interpreter®: www.thecommunityinterpreter.com

Check out these programs for online trainings and certification:
Wisconsin Court System – Resources & Training for Interpreters: https://www.wicourts.gov/services/interpreter/res/trainsources.htm
ALTA Training Language Services: https://www.altalang.com/
Medical Interpreting Training School: https://medicalinterpretingtrainingschool.com/
Accredited Courses for Interpreters & Translators: https://www.transinterpreting.com/
Medical Interpreting & Translating Institute Online: https://www.mitio.org/

Applying to Graduate School: Best Practices

Professor Anatoly Detwyler shared tips and guidance about applying for graduate studies. PDF Handout from session.

Career Preparation for ALC Students

How do you articulate the skills you have gained as an ALC student, and how do you communicate the value of your liberal arts education to employers? This workshop will address these questions and discuss strategies for the job and internship search. Join Molly Green, Career Education Coordinator, SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science. Recording of Session.

Preparing for International Internships

Nathaniel Liedl from International Internship Program shared tips and best practices for applying to internships abroad. PDF presentation from session.

Marketing your Language Skills

Kaitlin Koehler, International Career Advisor, Language Institute shared ideas and resources for preparing for job market using your language skills and how to build international experiences in your resume. Presentation and Language Related Career Events.

Check out GoinGlobal (Job/Internships Abroad)

  • log into Handshake–>Career Center (upper right corner)–>Resources—>Goinglobal (follow links)

Language Scholarships & Funding Info Session

Mark Lillheleht from IRIS Awards, shared information and offered guidance about applying for scholarships for advanced language study and more. Zoom Recording.

JET Information Session

Emily Hoffmann, a representative and alumni of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program discussed the application process and answered questions about the program and opportunities. Zoom Recording

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Info Session

Esha Bera and Jay Forrester from Critical Language Scholarship program discussed the application process and programs. Applications are due November 17, 2020. UW-Madison CLS Representative Mark Lillheleht from IRIS Awards, is also available on campus to answer questions about the application process. Zoom Recording

ALC Program Exploration Info Session for Major Discovery Week

Open hour to learn more about Asian Languages & Cultures academic programs, including East Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Chinese, and Japanese Majors, and Certificate in Chinese or Japanese Professional Communication. Zoom Recording

Alumni Chat (Japanese) with Roland Will

Roland Will graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in May 2015 and began working as an assistant language teacher for the JET program in August 2015. He is employed in Ogata Village, Akita Prefecture along the Sea of Japan. Some of his favorite parts of life in Akita include cooking with friends, skiing in Akita’s bountiful powder snow, and making YouTube videos with his Danish coworker in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. Recording of session.

Alumni Chat (Chinese) with Angela Breard-Chen

Angela Breard-Chen graduated in 2019 with Chinese, Econ, and International Studies. She is currently a Senior Associate Consultant and Anaplan Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the tech and management consulting industry. Listen to our conversation about her job history, best practices, and marketing her studies at UW-Madison. Zoom Recording