Weihua Zhu

Credentials: Associate Professor of Chinese Linguistics

Email: wzhu34@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-9218

1264 Van Hise Hall



Areas of Expertise:

Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics


Ph.D, University of Florida

Research Interests:

Weihua’s current research interests include Interactional features of Mandarin Chinese speakers in natural conversation, speech behavior and pragmatic perception and teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Selected Publications:

Chen, X. & Zhu, W. 2023. Exploiting language affordances in Chinese–mediated intercultural communication. Intercultural Pragmatics 20(5), 495–519.

Zhu, W. 2023. Developmental pragmatics. In M. Aronoff (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199772810-0314

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Zhu, W. & Chen, X. 2023. Topic initiation by Korean and Chinese speakers on reality dating shows. Contrastive Pragmatics 1, 1–35.

Zhu, W. & Wang, J. 2022. Disagreement by Chinese speakers of English: Evidence of pragmatic transfer. Language Sciences 93, 101487.

Zhu, W. & Boxer, D. 2021. Turn-taking and disagreement: A comparison of American English and Mandarin Chinese. Contrastive Pragmatics 2, 227-257.

Zhu, W. 2019. Interaction in Mandarin and English as a Multilingua Franca: Context, Practice, and Perception. New York: Routledge.

Zhu, W. 2019. The Practice and Perception of Unexpected Topic Switching in Mandarin Chinese. Acta Linguistica Academica 66(2), 165-188.

Zhu, W. 2017. How do Chinese Speakers of English Manage Rapport in Extended Concurrent Speech? Multilingua 36(2), 181-204.

Zhu, W. 2017. Perceptions of Extended Concurrent Speech in Mandarin. Pragmatics 27(1), 144-170.

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Zhu, W. 2014. Rapport Management in Strong Disagreement: An Investigation of a Community of Chinese Speakers of English. Text & Talk 34(5), 641-664.

Zhu, W. 2014. Managing Relationships in Everyday Practice: The Case of Strong Disagreement in Mandarin. Journal of Pragmatics 64, 85-101.

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Selected Courses:

Intermediate Chinese

Heritage Chinese

Conversational Chinese

Business Chinese

Chinese Linguistics

Chinese Pedagogy