Asian Languages and Cultures Major

The Asian Languages and Culture major will commence fall 2019. Prior to that students are encouraged to meet with the advisor to learn more about this multidisciplinary program. Students in the ALC major will be able to understand the variation within and similarities across Asia with reference to historical and contemporary cultural connections (people, societies, languages, literatures, religions, and cultural genres). Students will be able to declare the named options in East Asian, South Asia, or Southeast Asian studies. Students who opt for a regional grounding will base their area studies and language courses around that particular region.

Students may study any of the languages we offer during the acdemic year: Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persia, Thai, Tibetan, Urdu or Vietnamese.

Prerequisites: First year of chosen language

Major requirements:

1) ASIAN 100 “Gateway to Asia” (3-credits)
2) Intermediate-Advanced Language (8-credits)
3) Humanities Courses (9-credits)
4) Social Science Courses (9-credits)
5) Advanced Course (3-credits)

Want to explore major, or discuss courses, contact:
Undergraduate Advisor: Rachel Weiss
Office: 1244 Van Hise Hall
Schedule an advising appointment!

Students are encouraged to explore opportunities to use the language outside of the classroom, especially in internships or study abroad programs. Credits earned while on IAP or IIP programs may count towards major requirements. Plan ahead, and discuss with the advisor.

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