Hmong belongs to a group of closely related languages of Southeast Asia and Southern China often referred to as the Miao-Yao languages. It is spoken by Hmong people in the United States, France, Australia, Canada, Laos, Thailand, Burma, and Vietnam, as well as by the Miao minority in Southern China. Hmong is the third most commonly spoken language in Wisconsin. The Hmong population in the U.S. is most concentrated in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California. Hmong is taught at UW-Madison by experienced instructors who emphasize proficiency and communication at all levels. UW-Madison has one of the largest Southeast Asian Studies programs in the United States, with course offerings in numerous disciplines, supporting and expanding the study of Hmong language.

Majors & Certificates

new Asian Languages and Cultures Major (Southeast Asian Studies option), Undergraduate Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies Certificate.


Rachel Weiss,

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Fall Semester Schedule
Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30 pm
Room 379 Van Hise Hall
Contact: Choua Lee

Student Organizations 

Hmong American Student Association; browse the Wisconsin Involvement Network for more information.


Consider an internship where you can use Hmong, either in the US or abroad. An internship in any field can complement your language study and can provide valuable professional experience.