Asian Languages and Cultures

College of Letters & Science


Hmong Language Night Spring 2017

Interested in taking Asian Languages at UW-Madison? Our department offers excellence in language instruction. We offer the following East Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Among South Asian Languages we offer: Hindi, Tibetan, and Urdu. Multiple Southeast Asian Languages are offered either in classroom instruction or through distance education, including: Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, and  Vietnamese. Our department also regularly offers Persian language.

Placement Tests

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures requires that students with any prior knowledge of the languages taught in our department (e.g. Chinese, Japanese and Korean), and who plan to enroll in our language classes, take a placement test before enrolling in a language course.  

Background Questionnaire

If you are a student with prior experience in an Asian language (e.g., self-taught, learned in elementary, middle or high school, or learned from family, relatives or friends, etc.), and seek advise about foreign language requirements, retrocredits, or continuing with the language of your heritage please fill out this questionnaire in order to receive appropriate advising or guidance.

Retroactive Credits

Retroactive credits (aka 'retrocredits) are credits granted in recognition of previous language study. Retroactive credits earned at UW-Madison do not correspond to particular course, but the credits are not graded and do not factor into your GPA. For more information about Retroactive Credits and course equivalencies visit the Language Institute's website.