Advising for Graduate Students

The advising form templates for Graduate Students in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures can be downloaded for use: MA / for PhD.

The form should be completed jointly by the student and their co-advisors every semester, by considering

1) what needs to be accomplished in the next several semesters,

2) whether or not the goal for each semester has been met, and

3) whether or not the plans for the following semesters need to be adjusted and how.

  • The department will ask advisor(s) to submit a PDF copy of the updated version of the forms every semester — likely in conjunction with TA/PA assignment survey to be conducted each semester and internal funding competition (fellowship, travel support, etc.).
  • Please make sure to keep updating the forms.
  • These templates are designed in a way to accommodate all programs and tracks administered by the department, but each program/track or each set of advisors/advisee can add any additional details that you think would be helpful for the purpose of clarification of goals and expectations.