MA Degree Requirements in Japanese Literature

Candidates are required to take a minimum of 30 credits, 15 of which must be from Japanese-related graduate courses.

EA 573-4 Readings in Classical Japanese Literature, is required of all students intending to enter the Ph.D. program in Japanese literature.
EA 563-4 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature, is required of those students who, in the opinion of the staff, have not yet reached the appropriate level of proficiency in the colloquial language.
EA 953 Seminar in Japanese Literature, is required for students concentrating on literature.

The seminar requirement may be waived, with the proviso that a substantial major paper be submitted through Directed Study or some other course. Candidates will select the remaining credits of their program in consultation with their advisor.

M.A. Exam

The M.A. examination in Japanese literature will consist of three parts: classical Japanese, modern Japanese, and Japanese literature; the examination in linguistics and language pedagogy will cover Japanese pedagogy and Japanese linguistics, with the third area either in general linguistics or Japanese culture. Substitutions and modifications are possible upon consultation with the major professor.