Japanese M.A. Degree

The department attempts to maintain an informal scholarly atmosphere with close contact between students and teachers. The departmental Reading Room contains basic research material and there is a strong East Asian collection at the Memorial Library.

Graduate students can choose to concentrate either in literature or linguistics. The program develops student’s expertise in modern and classical Japanese language and literature, comparative applications of contemporary Western literary theory, Japanese linguistics, history of Japanese language and literature, and language pedagogy. A student who passes the M.A. at an appropriately high level will be eligible to enter the Ph.D. program.

Admission to MA Degree

To be considered for admission, the student should have the equivalent of a B.A. in Japanese from the University of Wisconsin. Applicants lacking this qualification but of superior caliber will be admitted conditionally.

Degree Requirements

MA Degree Requirements in Japanese Literature can be found here.

MA Degree Requirements in Japanese Linguistics can be found here.