Professor Hongming Zhang, retires after 26 years

UW-Madison professor Hongming Zhang of the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures helped organize a pair of prestigious Chinese studies conferences coming to campus May 5 and 6.

After distinguished service of more than 26 years at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Professor Hongming Zhang will retire from ALC in January, 2022. Prof. Zhang will assume a new position at the Macau University of Sciences & Technology (MUST) as Dean of the University International College and the Director of its Educational Development Center. We will miss Prof. Zhang’s contributions to our community, but we are also excited for him to be moving onto such a prestigious new position.

Please join us on Friday, December 10th from 4-5:30 pm for an End-of-Semester Gathering: Honoring Professor Hongming Zhang. All are invited. Check TITU in Memorial Union for exact room location.

The department would like to recognize his service with a collection of well wishes!