UW-Madison Chinese Language Students Won at the Midwest Chinese Speech Contest

We are pleased to announce that our Chinese Language Program students won big again this year with four gold and three silver medals at the 2016 Midwest Universities Chinese Speech Contest at DePaul University in Chicago on April 23rd, 2016.  This year over 70 undergraduate and graduate students were competing from 15 universities in the Midwest and Great Lakes areas including Chicao, Indiana, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Wayne State, Kansas, Colorado State, Valpraraiso, Luther College, UWM and UW-Madison.  All of our seven participating students won and here are our proud students: 1) Heather Brevard (1st place for 1st year non-heritage), 2) Courtney Stobbie (1st place for 1st year non-heritage), 3) Tucker Penny (1st place for 2nd year non-heritage), 4) Seung Hoon Hong (1st place for 4th year non-heritage), 5) Noah Perry (2nd place for 2nd year non-heritage), 6) Lily Hahn-Siting (2nd place for 3rd year non-heritage), and 7) Kat Thine (2nd place for 3rd year non-heritage).  Considering that winners from other universities were all trained and coached by our UW-Madison Chinese Linguistics Program graudate student lecturers, it was a total domination by UW-Madison this year.  Many thanks go to Prof. Hui Yu (from Hanban), our EALL Professors (Hongming Zhang, Bei Yang, and Weihua Zhu) and our Chinese Program TAs (Fang Yan, Han Yan, Hong Yan, Shuxiang You, Ziyun Liu, Yangtian Luo, Ji Wang, Rui Wang, Yanwen Wu, and Yinyin Xue) as well as graduate stduents from Hong Kong Institute of Education (Chaoran Chen, Xuan Huang, Yangmin Lei, Xinglin Wu, and Rui Zhang).  Congratulations! (Click here for the winners and their coaching teams)