Hongming Zhang

Credentials: Professor of Chinese Linguistics

Email: hzhang6@wisc.edu

(608) 262-2004

1216 Van Hise Hall




Areas of Expertise:

Chinese Linguistics, Syntax-Phonology Interface, Prosodic Phonology, Poetic Prosody, History of Chinese Language, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


Ph.D, University of California at San Diego, Linguistics (1992)

M.A, University of California at San Diego, Linguistics (1990)

M.A, Fudan University, Chinese Linguistics (1984)

B.A, Fudan University, Chinese Language (1981)


Hongming Zhang is a professor of Chinese language and linguistics. Prior to joining the faculty of UW-Madison in 1994, Professor Zhang had taught at Fudan University (1984-87), San Diego Mesa College (1990-92), and National University of Singapore (1992-94). He is now the head of UW-Madison Chinese Language and Linguistics Program and the director of UW-Tianjin Summer Chinese Program. Professor Zhang has served the International Association of Chinese Linguistics as its executive secretary (2000-2014), vice president (2018-2019), and president (2019-2020). He is now the executive editor of International Journal of Chinese Linguistics (John Benjamins Publishing Company), the associate editor of Asian Languages and Linguistics (John Benjamins Publishing Company), the series editor of Routledge Studies in Chinese Linguistics (Routledge), and the editor of The Encyclopedia of China in charge of the volume of Phonology and Poetic Prosody (3rd edition).


  • Vilas Associate Award (awarded by UW-Madison, 2003-05)
  • Chiang Ching Kuo Research Grant Award (awarded by Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, 1997-99 and 2005-06)
  • Chern Shiing-shen Chair Professor 陳省身講席教授 (awarded by Nankai University, 2006)
  • Honorary Director of Nankai Linguistics Institute (awarded by Nankai University, 2006)
  • Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor 長江學者講座教授 (awarded by Ministry of Education in China, 2009)
  • Honored Instructor Award (awarded by the Office of Academic Initiatives of UW-Madison, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009)
  • Chair Professor of the Global Experts Recruitment Program 千人計劃特聘講座教授 (Tianjin, 2015)
  • Teacher of the Year 2015 (awarded by the Wisconsin Association of Chinese Language Teachers, 2015)
  • Wilson T.S. Wang–New Method College Visiting Professorship in Language Education 王澤森新法學院語文教育訪問教授 (awarded by Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2018)
  • Distinguished Guest Professor (awarded by Shanghai Normal University, 1995; Beijing Language & Culture University, 2003; Fudan University, 2007; Xinjiang Normal University, 2010; Tongji University, 2017; Zhejiang Institute of Technology, 2019; and Zhejiang University at Ningbo, 2019)

Selected Publications:

Selected Books:

Prosodic Studies: Challenges and Prospects (374 pages), Routledge, Oxford, UK, 2019.

Syntax-Phonology Interface: Argumentation from Tone Sandhi in Chinese Dialects (233 pages), Routledge, 2017.

Tonal Prosody in Yongming Style Poems (224 pages), Nankai University Press, 2015.

Linguistics in China (340 pages and 323 pages), World Books Publishing Company, two volumes, 2010 & 2014.

Linguistics Abroad 語言學譯林 (320 pages and 294 pages), World Books Publishing Company, two volumes, 2011 & 2013.

Interface Studies between Literature and Languages 文學和語言的界面研究 (389 pages), Nankai University Press, 2008.

Linguistics and its Application in Language Teaching 語言理論與語文教學 (304 pages), The Education University of Hong Kong, 2003.

Bernhard Karlgren‘s Grammata Serica Recensa 《漢文典》 (725 pages, translation with extensive annotations), Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, 1997.

International Journal of Chinese Linguistics (160 pages per issue, two issues per year), John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam.

Selected Articles:

“Prosodic Studies of Two Chinese Dialects,” in Prosodic Studies – Challenges and Prospects, Routledge, pp. 275-313, 2019

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“The Grammaticalization of bei in Chinese”, in Chinese Languages and Linguistics, vol. 2, pp. 321-360, 1994

Selected Courses:

All levels of Chinese Language Courses

Chinese Conversation

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

History of Chinese Phonology

History of Chinese Grammar

Studies in Chinese Phonology

Studies in Chinese Syntax and Morphology

Seminar in Chinese Linguistics

Seminar in Chinese Language and Culture