Cade Campbell

Credentials: Senior Paid Media Associate @ 1stDibs

Chicago, IL

What specific skills from your Asian Languages & Cultures major do you use every day in your career and what are unexpected ways that this major has helped you in your career?

As a former ALC/Journalism school scholar & two-time Tianjin Intensive Chinese Language program attendee – my ability to understand Chinese culture/society and regional geopolitics has helped me become a better informed global citizen and a culturally competent digital advertiser. China is one of the world’s biggest economies and a deep understanding of language, culture & politics enables a knowledgeable advertiser to tap into an otherwise hard-sought market of customers.

Unexpectedly, a knowledge of these things has also enabled me to develop a strong sense of class consciousness, a better understanding of American hegemony abroad & an awareness of the dark side of Neoliberalism.

Book Recommendations for aspiring grads: Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene, In The Shadow of the American Century by Al McCoy (UW History professor!), Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio, Consequences of Capitalism by Noam Chomsky.

Class of 2019