Courses for Freshman

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Fall 2022

ASIAN 100: Gateway to Asia: Asian Counterculture (3 cr) Offers a comparative and interdisciplinary introduction to multiple cultures of Asia. The course will be taught by Dr. Steve Ridgley. Level/Breadth: E, H

ASIAN 120: The Art and Science of Human Flourishing (3 cr) Explore perspectives related to human flourishing from the sciences and humanities; investigate themes such as transformation, resilience, compassion, diversity, gratitude, community; expand self-awareness, enhanced social connectivity, and ability to change; formulate a sense of what it means to lead a flourishing life that sustains meaningful and fulfilling engagement with studies, relationships, community, and career. This noteworthy course is team taught including Professor John Dunne. Level/Breadth: E, H, or Z

ASIAN 218: Health and Healing in South Asia (3-4 cr) Study primary and secondary sources to explore how South Asian societies have understood the ideas of health and well-being throughout history. We will consider several cases that illustrate uniquely South Asian conceptions of illness and physical dysfunction and the ways in which people in South Asia have attempted (and continue to attempt today) to heal bodies. Students will learn about the traditional healing systems of South Asia, including Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani, the basic components of each systems’ ideas about disease pathology and treatment that have been used for centuries to heal illness, maintain good health, and, in some instances, aspire to a state of super-health that transcends the limitations of bodily existence altogether. The course will be taught by Professor Anthony Cerulli. Level/Breadth: E, H

ASIAN 244: Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines (4 cr) As an introduction to Southeast Asia, covers the ethnic, cultural, religious, and political histories of the region from the classical states period to the present, with an emphasis on colonialism, nationalism, decolonization, and the emergence of modern political and social systems into the 21st century, including an exposure to region’s contemporary literature. This course is taught by Dr. Mike Cullinane. Level/Breadth: E, H, or Z

ASIAN 255: Introduction to East Asian Civilization (4 cr) Multidisciplinary and historical perspectives on the East Asian civilizations of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and Mongolia from prehistory to the present, including developments in philosophy, economy, governance, social structure, kinship, geography, etc. Course taught by Dr. Anatoly Detwyler. Level/Breadth: E, H, or Z

Asian Languages & Cultures: Languages (ASIALANG)

Beginning Students may enroll directly into the following classes:

– ASIALANG 101: First Semester Chinese (4 cr)
Filipino – ASIALANG 123: First Semester Filipino (4 credits)
Hindi – ASIALANG 133: First Semester Hindi (4 credits)
Hmong – ASIALANG 125: First Semester Hmong (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 127: First Semester Indonesian (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 103: First Semester Japanese (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 105: First Semester Korean (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 137: First Semester Persian (4 credits)
Sanskrit – ASIALANG 141: First Semester Sanskrit (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 129: First Semester Thai (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 135: First Semester Tibetan (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 139: First Semester Urdu (4 credits)
– ASIALANG 131: First Semester Vietnamese (4 credits)