ALC Core Graduate Studies Courses

ASIAN 430: Indian Traditions in the Modern Age (Gudrun Buhnemann) Spring 2019

ASIAN 460: The History of Yoga (Gudrun Buhnemann) Spring 2019
Explores Yoga techniques propagated in the ancient Indian texts, as well as their adaptions in the Western world.

ASIAN 505: The Perfectible Body in Religion, Medicine and Politics (Anthony Cerulli) Spring 2020

ASIAN 620: Studies in Religions of Asia
Historical and structural analysis and discussion of specific topics in one or more religions of Asia.

LCA 630: Proseminar: Cultures of Asia

Topics: Communism, Anarchism, and Other Asian Lefts (Tyrell Haberkorn) Fall 2018

Topics: Human Rights in Asia (Tyrell Haberkorn) Spring 2018

Topics: Buddhist Accounts: Perception, Attention, Concept Form (John Dunne)

Topics: Proseminar on Contemplative Theory: Mindfulness (John Dunne)

E ASIAN 631: History of the Chinese Language (Hongming Zhang) Fall 2019
Introduction to Chinese historical linguistics, including the sound systems of the Shih-ching, T’ang poems, and Yuan songs, and their historical relations to the sounds of modern Mandarin, and syntactic interaction between classical and vernacular Chinese.

LCA 624: Meditation in Indian Buddhism and Hinduism (Gudrun Buhnemann) Fall 2018
Examines contemplative practices in the two major Indian religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. Covers practices described in ancient texts but also provides an overview of selected modern practices. 

ASIAN 700: Teaching Asian Languages (Naomi Geyer and Weihua Zhu)
Theoretical background and recent trends in foreign language teaching. Teaching of the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and culture, developing curricula and lesson plans, and assessment to help you develop a repertoire of teaching techniques and strategies.

ASIAN 802: Topics in Religions of Asia
Topics in comparative and connected histories of religion in Asia; major thinkers and movements; theoretical and methodological issues; and/or specialized subjects in religious studies.

E ASIAN 799: Reading and Research

Topics: ALC Graduate Colloquium (Rania Huntington) Fall 2018 – 1 credit meets bi-weekly Fridays 3:30-4:30 pm

LCA 815: Seminar: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Asia

Topics: Ethnography (Anthony Cerulli) Spring 2019

ASIAN 873: Seminar in Languages & Literature of Asia

Topics: Issues in Modern Theory (Vinay Dharwadker) Spring 2014

E ASIAN 932: Seminar in Poetry: the Origin of Poetic Prosody (Hongming Zhang) Spring 2019
This is an interdisciplinary topics course that will address Trans Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, etc., linguistics, and literature.