Alumni Meet & Greet with Collin Stecker

For those of you still around campus on Thursday you will have a wonderful opportunity to meet with an alumni of the Japanese program.

Alumni Meet & Greet with Collin Stecker

Thursday, Dec 22nd

4.30-6 pm

Room 1220 Van Hise Hall

My name is Collin Stecker and I am a graduate of the UW-Madison Japanese Department. After graduating, I worked two years in Gifu Prefecture as a CIR on the JET program. Following JET I moved to the Chicago area to work for a Japanese company in the automotive industry, doing translating/interpreting and quality assurance. I also studied Chemistry while at the UW and am currently pursuing my PhD, focusing on solar cell materials, at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST). It is a relatively new university with a very interdisciplinary approach and a diverse, international faculty and student body. OIST provides a great opportunity to combine one’s interests in science and Japan.  I would like to invite any students interested in learning more about the school and its PhD program, or any of my other post-graduation work, to come and chat with me. I would be happy to tell you about my experiences thus far and answer any questions you may have. For students not studying science, the school also has a need for Japanese-English bilingual personnel in a variety of administrative and outreach positions, so I also encourage those looking for a unique job opportunity to learn more about the school. I look forward to talking with you! For those interested, please find more detailed information at’