Student Organizations


AHANA-MAPS Pre-Health Society (AHANA)

AHANA is a student organization grounded in the belief of providing students with an essential, well-rounded perspective of the healthcare field, enriching experiences, and community service opportunities.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority Inc. Associate Chapter (aKDPhi)

The purpose of this Asian-interest sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian/Asian-American awareness in the University and community.

Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – UW Madison Chapter (AAIV)

An Asian American family at UW-Madison learning to follow Jesus and sharing his love in our community and beyond.

Asian American Student Union (AASU)

The purpose of Asian American Student Union is to provide an academic and social platform for UW-Madison students to discuss and promote issues within the Asian American community.

Asian Business and Economics Student Association (ABESA)

The Asian Business & Economics Student Association is a business-orientated organization providing the international Asian community on campus with the necessary resources to foster post-graduation success in the competitive job market.

Asian Musical Instruments Community (AMIC)

The purpose of Asian Musical Instruments Community is to bring students and UW affiliates from different ethnic and social backgrounds to engage in discussion about music genres from the Asian continent and related topics from a global perspective.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is an organization of Asian and Pacific Islander medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of Asian and Pacific Islander communities through education, outreach, advocacy and service.

Asian Strategy Board Games Club (ASBGC)

We mainly focus on Asian strategic board games: Chinese Go, Chinese Chess, Gomoku (Five in a row). This club is a channel for players to play these games and for beginners to know about Asian strategy board games by taking free lessons.

Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association/South Asian Law Students Association (APALSA/SALSA)

APALSA/SALSA is an academic, career, and social support network aimed at making the law school experience comfortable, enjoyable, and valuable for everyone.

Chi Sigma Tau National Fraternity, Inc. Delta Chapter (CST)

We, the Brothers of Delta Chapter of Chi Sigma Tau National Fraternity, seek to improve the leadership skills, promote cultural awareness, and build brotherhood.

East Asia Graduate Student Association (Benkyōkai)

The East Asia Graduate Student Association serves as a forum for graduate students to share and receive feedback on research projects. The group also sponsors a lecture series, which features experts on East Asian history, literature, and other subjects.

Delta Phi Lambda National Sorority, Inc. (DPhiL)

The sisters of DPhiL welcome all self-identifying dedicated female leaders who share the same values, vision, mission, and are searching for a place to call home. They continuously strive to find ways to help better our community and are actively involved with campus life.

Graduate International Business Association (IBA)

IBA’s mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding in both business and non-business contexts in fun ways!

Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, Inc. Associate Chapter (LPhiE)

Lambda Phi Epsilon is widely renown as the preeminent international Asian-interest fraternal organization, providing outstanding leadership, philanthropy, and advocacy in the community

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. – Kappa Gamma Chapter (SLG, Gammas)

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. is a sisterhood committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all womxn. We promote standards of excellence in academics, community service, cultural awareness, social interaction and morals and ethics.

Sigma Psi Zeta National Sorority, Inc. (SYZ)

We are a progressive, multicultural Greek Organization that provides a means to success and support for women, particularly women of color. We build on the unity of strong and independent leaders to affect change in our organization, our campuses, and our local communities

Trans-Asia Graduate Student Conference Organizing Committee (TAGS-C)

TAGS-C will plan and implement an annual graduate student conference at UW-M to provide an opportunity for graduate students to present their Asia-related research from a variety of trans-disciplinary backgrounds.

Wisconsin International Students Association (WISA)

The Wisconsin International Students Association (WISA) strives to promote and improve the awareness of global culture to the students in University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as the community around Madison.


Asian Strategy Board Games Club (ASBGC)

We mainly focus on Asian strategic board games: Chinese Go, Chinese Chess, Gomoku (Five in a row). This club is a channel for players to play these games and for beginners to know about Asian strategy board games by taking free lessons.

Cantonese Culture Club (C^3)

Cantonese Culture club is a campus-wide club majorly focuses on the culture propagation and Cantonese language education by organizing various different type of the social event including Dim-sum making

Chinese American Student Association (CHASA)

CHASA’s goal is to provide a space where students can build community amongst their peers and be able to learn more about their own individual identities. Through social events and community outreach, CHASA strives to establish a better understanding of Chinese American culture at UW-Madison.

Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC)

Website: CLACC promotes the understanding of the Chinese Language and Culture through free fun-filled cultural events, Chinese Language Table, and various other opportunities.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UW-Madison (CSSA UW-Madison)

More than 20 years from its foundation, Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) has doubtlessly established itself as the most active and influential Chinese student organization on the UW-Madison campus.

Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (UW-Madison) (CUSA)

CUSA serves as a supportive student group dedicated to improving the well-being of all undergraduate Chinese students here at UW-Madison.

Dancas Dance Crew

Dancas Dance Club focuses on new style street dance. In order to improve members’ dancing skills and overall body potentials, our training also contains Chinese traditional dance and modern dance. All students with enthusiasm in dance are welcome!

Global China Connection-Madison (GCC-Madison)

Global China Connection is a nonprofit student-run network of over 60 university chapters worldwide. We connects future leaders from all nations and assists them in developing the skills and friendships necessary to succeed both in China and the world.

Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

HKSA aims to assist our fellow Hong Kong students to get adapted to the new environment. Anyone is welcome to participate in our various events to learn more about our culture and to make new friends.

Saying Theater Club (Xi Yan Hua Ju She)

Founded in 2014, Saying Theater Club is the first and only Chinese theater club in UW-Madison. We are all passionate about theater and love making shows of our own.


Anaguma Eisa: UW-Madison’s Okinawan Taiko Club (アナグマ・エイサー)

Anaguma Eisa performs Okinawan taiko drumming. Eisa is a form of folk-dance specific to the Ryukyu islands of southern Japan. It fuses taiko drumming with elements of martial arts, dance, and both traditional and contemporary music. Beginners welcome!!!

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated- Zeta Xi Core Chapter (DST)

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world.

Japanese Karate Club – UW Madison (MJKC(Madison Japanese Karate Club))

We practice Shotokan Karate, the traditional form of Karate which originates from Okinawa, Japan. At practices, we learn kihon (techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (sparing). We also compete in university tournaments and attend seminars.

Japanese Student Association (JSA)

The Japanese Student Association is an association which is open to all students who are interested in learning Japanese culture and language.

Madison Anime Club

The Anime Club exists to spread an appreciation of Japanese animation, manga, gaming, and culture while hosting showings, parties, convention meetups, and social events across campus. Visit our website ( for more information

Pokemon Club (PokeClub)

We play the Japanese video game Pokemon to encourage competition and to make new friendships. All skill levels are welcome whether you like to play recreationally or competitively.


Choi Tae Kwon Do Club

The Choi Tae Kwon Do Club at UW-Madison is a martial arts club started by Drs. Jack Nitschke and Carmon Alonso in 1998. The club is dedicated to promoting individual growth through a non-competitive environment. ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated- Zeta Xi Core Chapter (DST)

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world.

Korean & American Student Performers (UW Madison) (KASPer)

KASPer is a Korean and American Student Performers organization dedicated to learning and performing dances and choreographies mainly within the Korean Pop and Hip-Hop genre.

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) Wisconsin YG Chapter

KSEA WI YG chapter mainly consists of Korean American students who are majoring in science or enginnering. Together with Wisconsin Local Chapter, we explore science topic in depth through discussions and presentations. Also, throughout the year, we participate in the national conferences, which gathers brilliant undergraduates to present their research and interested topics.

Korean Business Student Association (KBSA)

KBSA is a business student organization registered at Wisconsin School of Business. Our organization aims to provide supplementary education about the business environment and help facilitate a successful transition into the professional world.

Korean Economics Student Association (KESA)

KESA is an organization to enhance the interest, understanding and knowledge in the field of economics and business and to develop beneficial relationship among our member students by engaging in various activities.

Korean Presbyterian Church of Madison Young Adult Group (KPCM)

We are a group of young adults with common interests in evangelical Christianity. More than 90% of us are students of UW-Madison. Group meetings, which form the bulk of our activities, are held every Friday night at the local church at Colony Dr.

Korean Students and Scholars Association-UW-Madison (KSSA-UW)

An association of students, mainly graduate students but also some non-graduate students who wish to be part of the organization, and scholars who are interested in Korea, its people, and its culture. We organize events, e.g. Annual new student Welcome

Korean Traditional Drumming and Dancing (Ulssu)

We share Korean folk drumming and dancing with our community and increase the awareness of diversity on campus.

South Asia

Aa Dekhen Zara Entertainment (ADZ)

Aa Dekhen Zara Entertainment is a campus-wide Executive Board that hosts a Midwest, Southasian Dance Competition each year called “Aa Dekhen Zara.” The Executive Board is involved in the complete process of organizing and running the whole competition.

Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association/South Asian Law Students Association (APALSA/SALSA)

APALSA/SALSA is an academic, career, and social support network aimed at making the law school experience comfortable, enjoyable, and valuable for everyone.

Diamond Way Buddhism – UW Madison Chapter (DWB)

We provide an opportunity for the UW community to learn about meditation methods and Buddhist teachings with roots in the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Indian Graduate Students’ Association, The – UW-Madison (IGSA)

We provide support to Indian students, especially to those new to Madison, in adjusting to the campus and lifestyle. We promote Indian culture on campus through Indian classical music and dance and celebrating Indian festivals.

India Students Association (ISA)

The India Students Association (ISA) is a student organization on campus that promotes South Asian culture and heritage. There are a variety of educational and fun events throughout the year and all are welcome to participate.

MadTown Bhangra (MTB)

MadTown Bhangra is an all new student-led dance competition that strives to showcase the style and elements of Bhangra, a traditional folk dance from the Indian state of Punjab as well as support education in disadvantaged regions in India.

Movement Exchange – UW-Madison (Movement Exchange)

Movement Exchange fosters civic engagement, cross-cultural understanding, and creative expression through dance and service.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The Muslim Students Association shall be a non-for-profit organization. The aim and purpose of the MSA will be to serve the best interests of the students of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Nepal Student Association-UW-Madison (NSA-UW-Madison)

Nepal Student Association signifies the existence of Nepali students in UW-Madison and promotes the awareness of Nepal and Nepali culture to UW-Madison and the local community. We also facilitate incoming Nepali students with necessary help and info.

Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

The Pakistani Students Association provides a cultural, historical and political link to Pakistan for students and faculty of UW-Madison and the community at large.


Saaz is an Indian music group based in UW Madison that plays classical, folk and contemporary Indian music. The group is very open and collaborative in nature, and sees a constant flux of artists and musical styles.

South Asian Sisters-Madison (SAS)

South Asian Sisters-Madison is a diverse collective of progressive South Asian women dedicated to empowering woman-identified individuals of South Asian heritage (and anyone in allyship with our issues) on the UW campus and greater Madison community.

Southeast Asia

Filipino American Student Organization (FASO)

FASO aims to educate and spread awareness about Filipino culture & history, to foster friendships, identify others and work towards a common goal. FASO is based on the spirit of bayanihan; the values of family, community and exploring one’s sense of self.

Hmong American Student Association (HASA)

HASA’s goal is to raise awareness and educate Hmong Americans and the community about the Hmong culture and contemporary issues. HASA serves as a resource for students, promoting higher education and providing opportunities for leadership and talent.

Lao and Cambodian Student Association (LCSA)

The Lao and Cambodian Student Association strives to build a cohesive community within students of all ethnicities interested in learning about Laotian and/or Cambodian culture.

Niam Laus Niam Hluas: Hmong Sisterhood (Hmong Sisterhood)

The purpose of this group is to build a social support system for Hmong American women on campus, create a safe space for dialogue about issues or concerns facing Hmong American women, and providing collective mentorship and guidance for one another.

South East Asian Dance Organization (SEADO)

The purpose of SEADO is to explore and promote the awareness of diversity in Southeast Asian cultural dances.

Southeast Asia Research Group (SEARG)

A graduate student research forum designed to facilitate the intellectual and professional development of graduate students in the field of Southeast Asian Studies.


**Information on these Registered Student Organizations comes from the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) databse. ALC is not a designated affilate of any one organization.**