Funding Opportunities

WorldTeach China Global Education Fellowship

WorldTeach has operated in China since the turn of the twenty-first century. Over the years, our efforts have evolved to meet local needs. As China has gone through immense internal and external change, WorldTeach’s program has changed as well. Once providing volunteer teachers to schools in the Hunan Province, WorldTeach now focuses its efforts on increasing cross-cultural relations, global citizenship, and leadership-capacity through its work with its Global Education Leaders, school administrations, and students in this developing economy.

Along with our longtime Hunan placements, WorldTeach’s Global Education Leaders will be placed in Ningbo and Yiwu, located in the Zhejiang province. Zhejiang is one of the most economically developed provinces in China, allowing its residents a firsthand glimpse into advancements in Chinese entrepreneurship and philanthropic actions, as well as national and international relations.

DENSO Ignite Graduate Program

DENSO is one of the largest Japanese automotive suppliers in the world, with our HQ being in Nagoya, Japan. IGNITE is a two-year rotational program that offers structured career development and assignments across DENSO businesses and geographies. Our goal is to give you a broad view of our business and operations, allowing you to work with multiple departments and teams, experience different cultures and tackle challenging assignments.

We open new positions at the start of every Fall semester. Interviews will take place up until January and will include a phone interview and face-to-face interview and assessment, as well as an opportunity to see our facility. All positions start each year in July.

MEXT Japanese Studies Scholarship

This scholarship offers current undergraduate students majoring in Japanese Language, Japanese Literature, Japanese Studies, or Japanese Culture an opportunity to deepen their understandings through academic study at one of several universities in Japan. For more information, please see our MEXT Scholarship website, or the Study in Japan website:

MEXT Scholarships: Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago

This scholarship offers applicants the opportunity to spend up to 3 years at a Japanese professional training school studying in one of several fields.

Schwarzman Scholars

Designed to prepare the next generation of global leaders to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century, the Schwarzman Scholars Program funds a one-year master’s degree in public policy, economics or business at Tsinghua University in Beijing – one of China’s most prestigious universities. Classes will be taught in English, and the program’s curriculum has been designed to build students’ leadership abilities and deepen their knowledge of China in a global context.

Every year, up to 200 Schwarzman Scholars will represent the world’s next generation of leaders — high-caliber individuals with open minds and limitless potential — a network of leaders who will serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world.

Schwarzman Scholars will be selected on the basis of not only their academic aptitude and intellectual ability, but also their leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, ability to anticipate and act on emerging trends and opportunities, exemplary character, and desire to understand other cultures, perspectives and positions.

All qualified candidates will have successfully completed their undergraduate degrees prior to enrollment and must be proficient in English. More on admissions and application process.

UW-Madison campus contact: Mark Lilleleht

AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service in India

The William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India is an immersive, 10-month volunteer service program matching young professionals with development organizations. Fellows work on scalable and sustainable development projects in the fields of education, livelihoods, and public health.

The AIF Clinton Fellowship is helping to shape the next generation of leaders committed to positive change while also strengthening civil society in both the U.S. and India.

The Donald M. Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship seeks to prepare young people for careers in international development as Foreign Service Officers in USAID. The best way for potential applicants to learn more about the programs is through our website at

The Payne Fellowship Program provides benefits of up to $94,000 over two years toward a two-year master’s degree, arranges internships in Washington D.C. and at USAID missions overseas, and provides professional development and support activities leading to employment in USAID.

Boren Study Abroad Scholarship for Undergrads

Wednesday, October 12, 4-5 p.m., 1251 Van Hise Hall

The Boren Scholarship provides up to $20,000 for US students planning to study abroad in world regions critical to US interests, including Asia. Deadline: December 2, 2016

Wisconsin in Washington, DC program extends the deadline for Fall 2017 Program. New deadline is November 4, 2016. For online application, please visit internships Interested students from all majors can also contact Joel Clark at to discuss program options and the application process.

The ‘Wisconsin in Washington’ DC program harnesses the wide range of opportunities found in our Nation’s Capital for UW-Madison undergraduates in all majors. The program is administered jointly by International Academic Programs and the Department of Political Science.  With the help of our campus advisors, our DC-based program manager and our DC Badger alumni network, students pursue DC internships in a variety of fields including government/politics, international affairs, communications, journalism, law, NGOs and nonprofits, history, the arts, corporate management, agricultural and life sciences, environment, lobbying, PR/advertising, think tanks/applied research, education, and more.

Wisconsin in Washington offers students a full-credit option in fall and spring (12+ UW credits including a combination of internship, core DC program seminar, and electives taught by UW appointed faculty) and a 3-credit program in the summer. Admitted students pay regular tuition/fees and live/study in university-supported housing located in the heart of Capitol Hill. Program scholarships available for qualified students!

The Gilman Scholarship Program is an undergraduate grant program for U.S. citizens of limited financial means to enable them to study abroad, thereby internationalizing their outlook and better preparing them to assume significant roles in the increasingly global economy. Learn more about the Gilman Scholarship Program. Campus representative: Andy Quackenbush.

Freeman-ASIA accepts applications from U.S. citizens or permanent residents studying at the undergraduate level at a two-year or four-year college or university who demonstrate financial need to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. Learn more about eligibility requirements.

A Freeman-ASIA Award provides need-based funding to assist the recipient with the cost of the study abroad program and related expenses, including airfare, basic living costs, local transportation, books, etc.

The CLS Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is a fully-funded overseas intensive language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and to build relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning.

The fourteen CLS languages are: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu.

Please note that participants in the CLS Program are not required to have any experience studying critical languages for most of the fourteen languages. Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Russian, and Japanese institutes have language prerequisites, which can be found on the CLS website:

The CLS Program seeks participants with diverse interests, from a wide variety of fields of study, backgrounds and career paths, with the purpose of representing the full diversity of the United States. Thus, students from all academic disciplines, including business, engineering, law, medicine, science, social sciences, arts and humanities are encouraged to apply.

The application is now live and available online at:
Applications will be due November 16, 2016 by 8:00 pm EST.

The Japan Information Center is pleased to announce that applications for the Japanese Government’s 2017 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program are now available!

The online application is available here: The deadline is Friday,November 18th. We would appreciate it if you could share this information with your students and colleagues!

We will also be holding a JET Program Information Session on Saturday, October 8th, from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM in downtown Chicago (737 N. Michigan Avenue, 7th Floor – please note the entrance to the building is on Chicago Avenue). JET Program Staff and Alumni will be on hand to discuss living and working in Japan as a JET and how to be a successful applicant. The Information Session is open to anyone, and no registration is needed.

The Boren Scholarship provides up to $20,000 for US students planning to study abroad in world regions critical to US interests, including Asia.

UW-Madison Campus Application Deadline for Boren Undergraduate Scholarship: December 2, 2016

The Luce Scholars Program provides a year’s internship in an Asian country related to the scholar’s interests. The program is designed to provide an extended period of exposure to an Asian country for highly qualified young Americans who lack extensive knowledge of Asian affairs and who would not gain this knowledge through their normal career trajectories. Graduating seniors, recent alumni, graduate students, and junior faculty are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: 4pm Oct/03/2016. For questions:

Princeton in Asia. PiA’s mission is to promote good will and understanding and to facilitate in everyway the free interchange of the best ideals in civilizations of both East and West. For the 2017=18 fellowship cycle, PiA will offer 130 fellowships in 21 Asian countries in the following fields: access to education; access to information; economic development; environmental sustainability; public health; social justice. No prior Asia experience required. Applications due November 11, 2016. For more information visit:

Peace Corps @ UW-Madison. Fall Semester Advising: Walk-in Hours with UW Campus Recruiter in 105 Red Gym. Tuesdays and Fridays from 1-3 pm. Come in to chat with the Campus Recruiter about Peace Corps, open positions, and navigating the application Porcess. Contact information: