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Certificate in Japanese Professional Communication

This certificate program provides students with the opportunity to develop proficiency in Japanese while pursuing majors in other subjects across the university. It emphasizes the development of communication skills that are applicable to various professional contexts that students may encounter in their future careers.

The certificate is open to all undergraduate students (except for those majoring in Japanese). It is available to Special students only in circumstances where they have completed more than half of the 12-credit requirements discussed below as UW-Madison undergraduates in the semesters preceding their Special student enrollment.

The prerequisites for language courses required for the proposed certificates are four semesters of Japanese language courses (EA 103, 104, 203, 204). Students may test out of these prerequisites if they have prior experience in Japanese.

The certificate requires 12 credits of course work beyond the prerequisites.
The 12-credit requirement consists of the following components:

1) Required course to develop the foundation of students’ communication skills in professional settings (3 credits):

  • EA 377 Business Japanese Communication (3 credits) – offered every Spring

2) Elective language courses to provide additional language training (6 credits):

  • EA 303 Fifth Semester Japanese (4 credits) – offered every Fall
  • EA 304 Sixth Semester Japanese (4 credits) – offered every Spring
  • EA 335 Intermediate Japanese Conversation (3 credits) – offered every Fall
  • EA 368 Topics in Japanese Professional Communication (1-3 credits) 
  • EA 403 Seventh Semester Japanese (3 credits) – offered every Fall
  • EA 404 Eighth Semester Japanese (3 credits) – offered every Spring
  • EA 503 Fifth Year Japanese (3 credits) – offered less than yearly
  • EPD/EA 375 Intermediate Technical Japanese II – offered every Spring
  • EPD/EA 430 Japanese for Business and Industry – offered every Fall
  • EPD/EA 450 Japanese for Politics and Government – offered every Spring

3) Elective Japanese literature or humanities courses to enhance students’ understanding of the culture, which we consider to be essential for becoming an effective communicator (3 credits):

  • EA 253 Introduction to Japanese Culture and Civilization – offered yearly
  • EA 353 Survey of Japanese Literature – offered every Fall
  • EA 354 Survey of Japanese Literature – offered every Spring
  • EA 358 Language in Japanese Society – less than yearly
  • EA 361 Masterworks of Japanese Literature: The Tale of Genji – offered yearly
  • EA 367 Japanese Poetic Tradition – offered less than yearly
  • EA 376 Manga – offered every Fall
  • EA 373 Topics in Japanese: Study Abroad – transferred from study abroad programs
  • EA 378 Anime – offered every Spring
  • EA 433 Topics in East Asian Visual Cultures – offered yearly
  • EA 434 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics – offered less than yearly
  • Littrans 373 Topics in Japanese Literature – offered yearly

*Please note that if you are interested in obtaining both the Certificate in Technical Japanese and this certificate, only one course (3 credits) can be counted towards both of them.

*The pass/fail option is not available courses that students wish to apply towards the certificate. 

Undergraduate Advisor

Rachel Weiss
Office: 1244 Van Hise Hall

Schedule an advising apointment with Rachel via Scheduling Assistant

In addition to the course work requirements stated above, students are encouraged to explore opportunities to use the language outside of the classroom, especially in work settings, contact International Internship Program for more information. 

*This certificate program was made possible thanks to the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates.