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Certificate in Chinese Professional Communication

The 12-credit Certificate in Chinese Professional Communication program provides students with the opportunity to develop proficiency in Chinese while pursuing majors in other subjects across the university. It emphasizes the development of communication skills that are applicable to various professional contexts that students may encounter in their future careers.

The certificate is open to all undergraduate students (except for those majoring in Chinese). *


Four semesters of Chinese language courses on the non-heritage track:
E Asia 101, 102, 201, 202


Two semesters of Chinese language courses on the heritage track:
E Asia 213, 214

Students may test out of these prerequisites if they have prior experience in Chinese. Please consult the undergraduate advisor.






Business Communication Course

E Asia 379 *

* Spring term only

This course will help develop the foundation of students’ communication skills in professional settings.


Elective Language Courses

Choose from: E Asia 301, 302, 333, 401, 402, 501

These courses will provide additional language training at the intermediate – advanced level.


Elective Literature or Humanities Course

Choose from many courses offered including:
E Asia 235, 350, 351, 352, 371, 372, 520 or History 103, 255, 341, 342, 337, 363

This course will enhance students’ understanding of the culture to be essential for becoming an effective communicator.

Credits taken while abroad on a UW-Madison sponsored study abroad program can count towards credit in the certificate.


To declare the certificate, schedule an advising appointment with Rachel Weiss, Undergraduate Advisor via Scheduling Assistant

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to the course work students are encouraged to explore opportunities to use the language outside of the classroom, especially in work settings.

A great place to start is the International Internship Program office that is dedicated to create internships around the world specifically for UW-Madison students.

Check the Language Institute events and opportunities that focus on world languages and developing skills for putting languages to use in careers. You can also meet their International Directions Advisor Michael Kruse.

There are several other campus resources for finding internships, such as BuckyNet and your Career Services Office in your School or College.

* Special Students Eligibility

The certificate is available to Special students only in circumstances where they have completed more than half of the 12-credit requirements as a UW-Madison undergraduate student in the semesters preceding their Special student enrollment.