Ariana Zins

Credentials: Junior, International Studies (Global Security Emphasis) and Chinese Major (L&S)

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Junior, International Studies (Global Security Emphasis) and Chinese Major (L&S)

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Languages studied: Chinese

What I can share: I am a driven student who always has a hectic schedule. With this chaos, though, comes the need of being able to balance life, school, and relationships. As a person who has struggled and grown through the challenges of balancing those aspects, I believe that I can give insight to students on study tips, scheduling tips, & a listening ear as the importance of relationship with yourself & others is just as important as grades; I’d like to say even more important than grades. Additionally, I am on the track to becoming an officer in the Air Force through ROTC. Although times management can be tough, I want to show others that you can be driven, have a lots of goals, challenge yourself, be in clubs, and still be able to learn a new language while maintaining a lifestyle. I would love to help others while they also help me in growing to be better people at UW-Madison!

Fun fact about me: I have traveled to China and lived there for a year. While there, I got to see a lot of cool cities (Shanghai, Shen Zhen, Beijing, Tokyo, etc.), eat new foods, experience the culture and gone to some of the greatest tourist attractions such as The Great Wall of China & Tiananmen Square. These experiences has given me the passion & interest for the Asian Culture as well as being a native from China.