Ariana Zins

Credentials: Senior, International Studies (Global Security Emphasis), Asian Languages & Culture, Chinese Major (L&S)

Pronouns: she/her

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Languages studied: Chinese

What I can share: I am a driven student who always has a hectic schedule. With this chaos, comes the need of being able to balance life, school, & relationships. Currently, I am on the track to becoming an officer in the Air Force through ROTC. Although time management can be tough, I want to show others that you can be driven, have a lot of goals, challenge yourself, be in clubs, & still be able to learn & appreciate a new language/culture!

Fun fact about me: I have traveled to China & lived there for over a year. While there, I got to see a lot of well-known cities (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tokyo), eat new foods, experience the culture & experiences some of the greatest tourist attractions such as The Great Wall of China & Tiananmen Square. These experiences have given me the passion & interest for the Asian Culture as well as being from China.