Teresa Görtz

Credentials: Chinese Literature

Email: goertz2@wisc.edu

M.A., Chinese, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2017)
B.A., American Studies, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Germany (2016)
M.A., Sinology, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Germany (2015)
B.A., Sinology, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Germany (2014)
Program & Degree: Chinese Literature and Culture, PhD

Before joining ALC at UW-Madison, I completed both undergraduate and graduate programs in Sinology in Germany. My research interest is in literature of the strange from the Ming and Qing periods. At UW-Madison, I have worked as Teaching Assistant at ALC since Fall 2017 for EA 351 Survey of Chinese Literature (with Professor Rania Huntington) and EA 255 Introduction to East Asian Civilizations (with Professor Steve Ridgely). Starting Fall 2018, I am Project Assistant for Professor Rania Huntington supporting her research on late Ming zhiguai collections.