Hyeyoung Son

Email: hson32@wisc.edu

안녕하세요! My name is Hyeyoung Son and I am this year’s Korean peer tutor. To briefly introduce myself, I am a Korean international student majoring in Biology with a certificate in Leadership program. Some of you might wonder why I wanted to become a language peer tutor even though I am not a language major.

I was born and raised in Daegu, Korea almost for my entire life. I had a previous experience of tutoring English in Korea, and that’s where I found that I like to communicate with people and help them out! So I hope I can provide you the fun experience of learning Korean. Feel free to come to see me and get help on anything Korean-related, whether it is reviewing class material, practicing conversation, checking on your writing or grammar, etc. I am here to help you:D

Tutoring schedule:
  • Monday, 3:30-4 (1st semester support), 4-4:30 (3rd & 5th semester support) — online
  • Wednesday, 3:30-4 (1st semester support), 4-4:30 (3rd & 5th semester support) — room 1251 Van Hise Hall
  • Friday, 3:30-4 (1st semester support), 4-4:30 (3rd & 5th semester support) — online