Aniya Schwoerer

Credentials: Senior, Asian Languages & Cultures - East Asian Studies major, Teaching English as a Second Language certificate (BA, L&S)


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Languages studied: Korean

What I can share: I want to be able to support students in the major in times where they may be struggling most. Although I am really passionate about the ALC, I know what it is like to want to give up at times. I feel I will have a lot of advice regarding this as a result.

Favorite Asian Studies course: My favorite class I have taken so far has been any of the Korean language courses with Professor Jaerin Ahn. She is extremely supportive of our studies, no matter what level we are at, and goes above and beyond to help even outside of the classroom.

Fun fact about me: I spent last summer in South Korea at Korea University studying Korean intensively. I hope to return to South Korea after graduating in December 2022.