Hieyoon Kim

Credentials: Assistant Professor

Email: hieyoon.kim@wisc.edu

Phone: (608)-265-8735

1212 Van Hise Hall


Areas of Expertise:

Dissident culture; film and media activism; film historiography and archive; experimental and avant-garde cinema; feminist filmmaking and programming; Korean cinema and popular culture


Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests:

In her research, Hieyoon Kim [she/her] asks how cinema and its ecology evolve during times of political uncertainty and what cinematic practices and expressions are used to undermine the status quo. Her research agenda is based in Korea and is organized around three questions: 1) What kind of a different world do the various participants in the film ecology struggle for, and what roles do they see for cinema in this struggle? 2) How do they challenge blockages of public expression and access to public resources, as well as institutionalized hegemonic codes that appear natural and sensible? 3) How does cinema expand public spaces in such a way that alternative imaginations of the social fabric can flourish? Her first book, Celluloid Democracy: Cinema and Politics in Cold War South Korea, examines how Korean filmmakers, distributors, and exhibitors reshaped cinema in radically empowering ways amid political turbulence from liberation through the decades of military rule (1945–1987). She is currently working on her second book titled Hereness: The Gwangju Uprising in the Twentieth-First Century Media, which examines new constellations of aesthetics and politics in recent multimedia projects on the Gwangju uprising. In addition to these two book-length projects, she has also written about such topics as film historiography, archives, and memory. Her articles have appeared (or will appear) in the Journal of Asian Studies, Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, and Feminist Media Histories. She is also one of the participants of the Global Circulations of Film Theory network, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


Selected Publications:



Refereed Journal Articles

Edited Volumes


  • “Selected Poems of Choi Young-mi,” in Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, Vol. 14 (Forthcoming in May 2021)


Teaching Interests:

Upon her arrival at UW-Madison, she has taught a broad range of classes, including:

  • Women Make Movies: Feminist Practices in Asia (Undergraduate/Graduate Capstone Seminar)
  • Archive and Ephemera: Through a Lens of Asia (Graduate Seminar)
  • Korean Popular Culture (Undergraduate Course)
  • The Two Koreas: Politics of Aesthetics (Undergraduate/Graduate Seminar)
  • History and Memory in South Korean Cinema (Undergraduate Seminar)
  • K-pop: History, Politics, Culture (Undergraduate Survey)

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