Genesie Miller

Credentials: Japanese Literature

Email Address:
University of Massachusetts- Amherst, M.A. in Japanese Language and Literature, 2010
University of Montana, B.A. Japanese Language and Literature, 2008. Minor in Political Science.
Fields of Study:
Pre-modern and early modern Japanese Literature and Visual Culture
Program & Degree:
Japanese Literature and Culture, PhD
My interests in Japanese Literature is broad, from courtly romances of the classical period, to warrior tales of the medieval period, to the playful illustrated works of the early modern period. I particularly enjoy analyzing these materials from a Queer and Gender Studies lens. I particularly enjoy the experience of working with undergraduate students and helping them understand different ways of approaching materials that are written in a different time and place from their own, and have been a teaching assistant for many courses at UW and my previous universities, from introductory courses in Japanese Classics to Manga. I spent two years at Waseda University conducting research for my dissertation on bawdy verse of the early modern period.