Muhammad Ali Butt

Credentials: Lecturer (SA) in Urdu





Ali Butt is an Urdu Language Lecturer (SA) at Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. Ali developed a deep interest in Urdu language and literature since childhood as he grew up in an academic household. He went on to study Urdu Literature till his A – Levels exams from University of Cambridge. While studying for his undergraduate degree at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi he was actively involved in Literary society and Music society. He’s a passionate about South Asian cultures, values and advocates education as a critical factor for upward social mobility.

In his free time, Ali likes to be outdoors in search of a good spot to contemplate life with a cup of coffee. He’s a music enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for exploring different genres and rhythms.


  • ASIALANG 239: Third Semester Urdu