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Graduate Student Travel Support

The department has a modest amount of funds available to support graduate students’ participation in academic conferences. If you have delivered a paper at a conference, or are planning to do so during the spring semester or early summer (January 1 - June 2018), please submit the following materials to Rachel Weiss <> by April 1st, 2018

•       Current CV

•       Document that include the following information:

o Name of your advisor(s) – your advisor will be contacted by the selection committee for his/her endorsement

o Conference name and dates

o Title and abstract of your paper

o Brief statement about why this conference presentation is important to you at this time

o Itemized estimate of costs (airfare, lodging, conference fee, etc.)

o Note on other sources of funding secured or applied for (if applicable)

The amount that the department can offer is typically $250 per each successful applicant. If you are a dissertator, you should also consider submitting application to the Graduate School’s Conference Presentation Funds:

Travel expenses that may be reimbursed through this award must adhere to university travel and accounting policies.  Reservations must be made with Fox World travel or via the Concur self-booking tool to be eligible for reimbursement. Use of internet based lodging brokers or third party sites (e.g. Expedia,, Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, Hotwire) is prohibited. If you have any question regarding travel and accounting policies, please refer to Ms. Haiyan Wei can also respond to any question you may have in regard to these policies.

NOTE: If you are planning to present a paper and submitted an abstract, you should file a request by April 1st, even if you don’t know the result of the abstract review. The department will announce the competition again for the next academic year at the start of the fall semester.