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Graduate Program in Asian Languages & Cultures

Graduate student doing research in Thailand.

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures offers new interdisciplinary M.A. and Ph.D. program in Asian Languages and Cultures. Students may design their own courses of study that take advantage of the many opportunities on campus to do in-depth research on Asia from multiple disciplinary perspectives and across the traditional area studies divisions of East, South, and Southeast Asia. We welcome applications from a wide range of students compelled to work transregionally, transdisciplinarily, or both. This includes students with a traditional background in Asian Studies and related academic fields as well as practitioners whose path to studying Asia has been through professional work. 

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures anticipates the formation of a lively intellectual community around Transasian Studies and looks forward to supporting student-led seminars, reading groups, workshops and other events. 

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Students are encouraged to reach out to faculty members that match their academic and research interests. All other general questions can be directed to Rachel Weiss, Graduate Program Coordinator.