International Application – Chinese

To: Foreign Applicants to the Graduate Program in Chinese

Thank you for your interest in our program. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School Catalog is available electronically via the Internet at: The Graduate School application form is also available at the above Internet address.

The following information and forms may be found at our departmental web site:

–    East Asian Languages and Literature departmental application

–    Application information for all programs

–    Statement of Purpose (sample outline from Graduate School)

–    Fellowships

–    Application for Teaching Assistantship – Chinese

–    Teaching Assistant Policies and Procedures

–    Graduate Faculty in the Chinese Program

Please note there will be NO EXEMPTIONS to waiving the application fee required by the Graduate School for anyone who is applying to our department. Please also note that all correspondence with the department must be in English.

Academic Preparation: The Graduate School requires a B.A. or equivalent education to admit students to graduate level studies. Please supply us with official transcripts or academic records from each institution attended. International academic records must be in the original language accompanied by an official English translation. Documents must be issued by the School with the official seal/stamp and an official signature. Please check the Graduate School web site for requirements for specific information on transcripts from each country at Two copies of these documents are to be sent directly to our department. Note, too, that graduate studies in Chinese at the University of Wisconsin demand much more than just familiarity with the language and literature of China. Students must have basic research skills and be able to use analytical and critical modes of thought.

English Proficiency: Students attend classes which are taught entirely in English, are assigned large amounts of reading in English, and are required to write substantial papers and examinations in English. A student’s English language proficiency must be good enough for the student to progress at the same rate as the rest of the class. Graduate applicants are expected to receive a score of: 570 or better on the paper-based, or a score of 230 or better on the computer-based,or 88-89 on the internet-based TOEFL exam in order to be considered for admission. TOEFL scores are not acceptable if more than two years old.

GRE SCORES: GRE scores are required for admission to the Chinese program. The Admissions Committee will accept GRE scores taken within the last five years.

Letters of Recommendation: The department requires three letters of recommendation for each applicant. These letters should be written in English by people qualified to judge your academic ability. There are no special forms for this. It will be your responsibility to contact people you want to recommend you and ask them to send letters directly to the department, or submit them online at the Graduate School application website.

Application to the Ph.D. Program: To apply to the Ph.D. program, you must either have already received your M.A. or expect to receive it before you enroll at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You must submit either an M.A. thesis or some other substantial research paper to the department. This paper should be in English, and may either be published or unpublished. In any case, students with an M.A. from outside this department are required to pass a Ph.D. Qualifying Examination within one year of entering the program.

Fellowships: Incoming graduate students are eligible for some fellowships. Please read the fellowships information sheet carefully. If you have questions, let us know. Note, too, that in order to be considered for fellowships, all of your application materials must be received by the Graduate School and the department by December 1.

Assistantships: The department sometimes has openings for teaching assistants available to incoming graduate students. The number of available teaching assistants varies from year to year. Competition is keen. To be considered for any assistantship you must have excellent academic qualifications and excellent standard speaking ability. Applications must be received by December 1 to be considered for the following fall. Students must first be accepted into the Chinese program before they can be considered for a teaching assistantship.

Other Forms of Financial Aid: Because of the intense competition for our departmental Teaching Assistantships and University Fellowships, we suggest that you also check the UW-Madison Graduate School Office of Fellowships Administration web site as a possible source of information regarding financial aid opportunities. The web site is located at: (

Your Study Plan and Statement of Purpose: We have found that students who do not have study plans which are very specific have difficulty in our program. Your study plan should indicate a definite direction that you wish to follow in Graduate School. Please read the last paragraph on the departmental application form carefully; this paragraph will give you an idea of the information we need to evaluate your study plan or statement of purpose. We have also included in our materials a sample outline of the statement of purpose as suggested by the Graduate School.

Application DeadlinesDecember 1 is the deadline for teaching assistant ship and university fellowship consideration. May 1 for those applying to the Chinese program with their own funding.

To help us process your application, please submit the following items to the offices indicated.

Graduate School application formand application fee  Please apply to the Graduate School and pay your application fee online at:
Official TOEFL scores and OfficialGRE scores  Please request that ETS (Educational Testing Service) send your TOEFL scores (Institution Code 1846) and your GRE scores (Institution Code R 1846) electronically to the Graduate School
Departmental application form (do not send a hard copy if completed on the Graduate School application website)

Statement of Purpose (reasons for graduate study)

Official transcripts (2 copies of each) (See page 1, Academic Preparation)

Three letters of recommendation(if not submitted electronically)

M.A. paper (for applicants to the Ph.D. program)

Graduate Coordinator

East Asian Languages and Literature

University of

1212 Van Hise Hall

1220 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706

We look forward to receiving your application.