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Fall 2018 Courses

Please find a full list of courses offered by Asian Languages & Cultures, as well as other courses offered by affiliate faculty across campus:


100 Gateway to Asia: Trek and Encounter - 3 cr., E, H / Cerulli, Anthony and Ridgely, Steve

Exploring writings and travelogues of treks and encounters in Asia that documented the peoples and lands of places from Japan to Persia, students in this course will study the complex cultural systems that have shaped modern Asia. Possible texts include: the Greek diplomat Megasthenes's impressions of politics on the Indian subcontinent, the 24 year-old feminist poet Takamure Itsue's 850-mile Buddhist pilgrimage around Shikoku in 1918, the Iranian Al-Biruni's ethnography of Indian religions, and Bea Liu's memoir of fleeing the advance of Japanese imperial forces in China during the 1930s and 40s.

203 Lost in Translation: Western Experience in Asia – 3 cr., E, H / Gold, Dan

Have you travelled or are thinking about travelling or studying in Asia?  Do you enjoy reading about or watching films about travel experiences? Would you like to write about your own travel experiences? Have you wondered if there is a difference between a traveler and a tourist?  Are you curious about how people learn about a place through travel?  Have you thought about how “Asia” is defined and how travel experiences there may or may not differ from experiences in other locations? If so, this may be an interesting class for you! An examination of travel narratives, both fiction and non-fiction in print and in film, and the experiences of Western travelers in Asia, with the goal of developing one's own travel writing.

268 Tibetan Cultures and Traditions - 3 cr., E, H / Khedup, Jampa

Introduction to a wide variety of ancient Tibetan cultural beliefs, practices and motifs that are practiced to this day. Examines topics such as: gender roles and stereotypes in Tibetan society; folk beliefs and practices; astrology, divination, dream interpretation and related issues; art, music and theater; traditional Tibetan medicine and healing practices; and finally, the varied and extensive religious traditions of Tibet in their cultural manifestations. Examines central themes and inquires into the ways it contributes to-or contests-a cultural universe that has direct impact on Tibetan lives. 

300 Topics in Asian Studies: Lec 001: Yoga: Ancient Philosophy, Modern Practice – 3 cr., I, H [FIG] / Buhnemann, Gudrun

300 Topics in Asian Studies: Lec 002: Gender and Sexuality – 3 cr., I, H [FIG] / duPerron, Lalita

300 Topics in Asian Studies: Lec 003: Student Movements in Asia - 3 cr., I, H / Haberkorn, Tyrell
Prereq: sophomore standing

How do students mobilize across Asia to call for change and what motivates their actions? What differentiates student movements from other social movements? How have movement strategies and technologies changed over time? How do other members of society and states respond to student movements? What forms of repression do states use against students? How might the successes, failures, and legacies of student movements be assessed? The course will address these questions through a combination of extensive use of primary source documents, including English-language movement periodicals, declarations, memoirs, poems and short stories written by student activists, with secondary materials, including academic analysis as well as documentary films.

Combination of lecture and discussion. *Optional* Scholars at Risk advocacy seminar. Graduate student enrollment possible.

300 Topics in Asian Studies: Lec 006: Gateway to Asia: Special Topic - 3, I, H / Cerulli, Anthony and Ridgely, Steve
Prereq: sophomore standing

Exploring writings and travelogues of treks and encounters in Asia that documented the peoples and lands of places from Japan to Persia, students in this course will study the complex cultural systems that have shaped modern Asia. Possible texts include: the Greek diplomat Megasthenes's impressions of politics on the Indian subcontinent, the 24 year-old feminist poet Takamure Itsue's 850-mile Buddhist pilgrimage around Shikoku in 1918, the Iranian Al-Biruni's ethnography of Indian religions, and Bea Liu's memoir of fleeing the advance of Japanese imperial forces in China during the 1930s and 40s.

354 Early Modern Japanese Literature – 3 cr., I, L/ Kern, Adam
Prereq: E ASIAN 104

An extensive overview of the literature during Japan's early modern or Edo period (1600-1868). The main goal of the course is to introduce one of the world's great cultures through its literature during a period that many people consider to be the culmination of a millennium of cultural development prior to Japan's forced opening to the West in the second half of the nineteenth century. To this end we will read snippets from vastly popular works in the major genres of comic books, novellas, essays, poetry, kabuki and puppet plays and so on, concentrating on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Some key questions in this course include: What is early modernity? What is literature? What is Japanese about these materials? Enroll Info: Not open to students with credit for E ASIAN 354 prior to Fall 2019


101 First Semester Chinese – 6 cr., E / Zhang, Hongming

103 First Semester Japanese – 6 cr., E / Nakakubo, Takako

105 Elementary Korean – 4 cr., E / Lim, Byung-Jin

122 Elementary Chinese – 3 cr., E / Tbc

124 Elementary Japanese – 3 cr., E / Tbc

201 Third Semester Chinese – 6 cr., I / Zhu, Weihua

203 Third Semester Japanese – 6 cr., I / Mori, Junko

301 Fifth Semester Chinese – 4 cr., A, H / Tbc

303 Fifth Semester Japanese – 4 cr., A, H / Tbc

311 First Semester Chinese for Graduate students – 5-6 cr / Tbc

317 Third Semester Chinese for Graduate students – 5-6 cr / Tbc

319 First Semester Japanese for Graduate students – 5-6 cr / Nakakubo, Takako

321 First Year Classical Chinese – 4 cr., I, L / Huntington, Rania
Prereq: E Asian 202

325 Elementary Korean for Grad students – 3 cr / Lim, Byung-Jin

327 Third Semester Japanese for Grad students – 5-6 cr / Mori, Junko

333 Chinese Conversation – 3 cr., A / TBC

335 Intermediate Japanese Conversation – 3 cr., I / Nakakubo, Takako
Pre req: E Asian 204

341 Classical Chinese for Non-Majors – 4 cr., E, L / Huntington, Rania

345 Third Semester Korean – 3-4 cr., I / Lim, Byung-Jin

347 Fifth Semester Korean – 3 cr., A, H / Lim, Byung-Jin

374 Technical Japanese I – 3 cr / Davis, Jim
Pre req: E Asian 203. Does not satisfy L&S language or major requirements

401 Seventh Semester Chinese – 3 cr., A, L / TBC

403 Seventh Semester Japanese – 3 cr., A, H / Mori, Junko

405 Seventh Semester Korean – 3 cr., A, H / Lim, Byung-Jin

601 Japanese for Business and Industry – 3-4 cr., A / Davis, Jim
Prereq: E ASIAN 375 or 304 or consent of instructor


267 Asian Religions Global Perspective - 4 cr., E, H / Hansen, Anne

Comparative and thematic introduction to diverse Asian religious traditions, ideas and communities, and their relevance to human societies of the past and present.

277 Kendo: Integration of Martial Arts and Liberal Arts - 2 cr., I, S/ Kenoyer, Jonathan

Kendo practice (martial art) supplemented by lecture describing its historical roots and philosophical background. 

300 (Lec 001) Humanities Topics in East Asian Studies: K-Pop: History, Culture, Politics- 3 cr., I, H / Kim, Hieyoon

This is a class for those who want to use popular music as a tool to more deeply understand contemporary Korea. We will address Korean popular music from the turn of the twentieth century to the latest K-pop hits, while noting the ways that the changing musical tastes of Korean people are linked to historical shifts on the Korean peninsula as well as music and performance related trends that influenced Korea from abroad. Class will use abundant music and video clips, incorporate discussions based on readings, and require student analysis that connects popular music to its context.

351 Survey of Chinese Literature – 3 cr., I, L / TBC
Prereq: E ASIAN 102

A critical introduction to the literature of China throughout the ages. Works include poetry, fiction and drama. Each student will be required to do one independent project, using Chinese language sources, if appropriate. This course may be taken independently from 352.

353 Survey of Japanese Literature – 3 cr., I, L / Kern, Adam
Prereq: E ASIAN 104

Historical introduction to the important literary works of Japan. This course will cover the classical period, from the eighth through the mid-nineteenth century. Each student will be required to do one independent project using Japanese language sources if appropriate.

371 Topics in Chinese Literature: Confucian Analects – 3 cr., I, L / Nienhauser, William

376 Manga – 3 cr., I, H / Kern, Adam
Pre req: E Asian 104 or consent

Surveys the manga (Japanese comicbook) from its precursors in premodern woodblock-printed booklets to its contemporary manifestations in subgenres like shonen, gekiga, mecha, and shojo. Draws upon critical writings on visual culture, literature, and visual-verbal narrative. 

432 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics – 3 cr., A, H / Zhu, Weihua
Prereq: E ASIAN 202

573 Readings in Classical Japanese Lit – 3 cr., A, L / Kern, Adam

672 Literary Studies in Chinese Fiction – 3 cr., A, L / Huntington, Rania
Prereq: E ASIAN 462 or consent of instructor

799 Reading and Research: ALC Graduate Colloquium – 1 cr / Huntington, Rania
Graduate standing

951 Seminar in Chinese Literature – 3 cr
Prereq: Graduate standing

Lec 001: The 18th Century, Close Reading and Distant Reading / Huntington, Rania

Lec 002: Du Fu, the Poet / Nienhauser, William


103 Intro to East Asian History: China -4 cr., E, Z / Chan, Shelly 

Survey of major developments in Chinese history from 1500 B.C. to the founding of the Communist state in 1949. Emphasis on patterns and themes; equal time devoted to the classical and traditional period and the modern era.

104 Intro to East Asian History: Japan – 4 cr., E, Z / Murti, Viren

Survey of major cultural, social, political and economic developments in Japanese history from ancient to recent times.

255 Intro to East Asian Civilizations 3 cr., E, Z / Detwyler, Anatoly

Multidisciplinary and historical perspectives on the East Asian civilizations of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia from prehistory to the present, including developments in philosophy, economy, governance, social structure, kinship, geography, etc. 

300 (Lec 001) Humanities Topics in East Asian Studies: K-pop: History, Culture and Politics3 cr., I, H / Kim, Hieyoon


206 Introduction to the Qur’an - 4 cr., E, H / Gade, Anna

An introduction to the Qur'an, the sacred scripture of the Islamic religious tradition, focused on Muslim approaches to reading the text, its themes and history, and its use as a source of law, theology, aesthetics, politics, and practices of piety.

244 Introduction to SE Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines - 4 cr., E, Z / Cullinane, Michael

Southeast Asian history, religion, folklore and literatures, educational systems, and politics from the early classical states to contemporary social, literary, and political developments. 

274 Religion in South Asia – 3 cr., E, H / Cerulli, Anthony

Introductory survey of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, etc., and an examination of the cultural, historical, ritual, and philosophical foundations of South Asian religion.

311 Modern Indian Literature – 3 cr., I, L / Dharwadker, Vinay

Introduction to advanced study of modern literatures of India in translation from several languages. Emphasizes literary and critical analysis of short story, novel, poetry, and drama; historical and cultural contexts of literature; and relations and dynamics of multiple literary cultures. 

379 Cities of Asia – 3 cr., I, H / Chopra, Preeti

Historical overview of the built environment of cities of Asia from antiquity to the present; architectural and urban legacy in its social and historical context; exploration of common themes that thread through the diverse geographical regions and cultures of Asia.

478 Indian Writers Abroad: Literature, Diaspora and Globalization – 3 cr., I/A, L / Dharwadker, Aparna

Study of literature, drama, and film produced by authors of South Asian origin in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. Course considers theories of diaspora, changing patterns of subcontinental migration, and relation of diasporic forms to the cultures of origin and adoption. Students who have taken English 524 prior to fall 2014 may not enroll in this course.

624 Meditation in Indian Buddhism and Hinduism 3 cr., A, H / Buhnemann, Gudrun

Examines contemplative practices in the two major Indian religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. Covers practices described in ancient texts but also provides an overview of selected modern practices. 

630 Proseminar: Studies in Cultures of Asia: Communism, Anarchism, and Other Asian Lefts – 3 cr., A, H / Haberkorn, Tyrell

To imagine the world anew. Throughout the twentieth century communists, anarchists and other leftists throughout Asia struggled throughout Asia to make new societies in contrast to existing monarchy, colonialism and authoritarianism. Some succeeded in securing state power, such as Mao and the Chinese Communist Party, whereas others were brutally repressed, such as the Communist Party of Indonesia and early Japanese anarchists.  Some succeeded in forging more just societies, whereas others reconsolidated repression. In this seminar, we will collectively think through and across the region, from North Korea to Nepal to the Philippines and beyond, and query what different kinds of leftists imagined, built, and were unable to do. Readings will include primary theoretical, party and movement texts; memoirs of those involved in left struggles; writings by outside supporters and critics; and academic analysis.

Seminar class. Graduate or Junior standing required; Counts toward 50% graduate coursework requirement

857 Seminar-History of India (South Asia) – 1-3 cr / Wink, Andre
Prereq: Graduate standing

Emphasis upon handling of research problems. Focus upon methods, resources, intellectual approaches, and changing interpretations. 


301 First Semester Asian Language: Pashto -- 4 cr., E/Beckham, Sarah & FLTA

305 First Semester Filipino – 4 cr, E / TBD

307 First Semester Hmong – 4 cr., E / Lee, Choua

309 First Semester Indonesian – 4 cr., E / Barnard, Erlin 

317 First Semester Thai – 4 cr., E / TBD

319 First Semester Vietnamese – 4 cr., E / Dinh, Hong

331 First Semester Kazak – 4 cr., E / TBD

339 First Semester Turkish – 4 cr., E / TBD

340 Second Semester Turkish – 4 cr., E / TBD

353 First Semester Hindi - 4 cr., E / Beckham, Sarah

363 First Semester Persian – 4 cr., E / TBD

369 First Semester Modern Tibetan – 4 cr., E / Khedup, Jampa

371 First Semester Urdu – 4 cr., E / TBD

405 Third Semester Filipino – 4 cr., I / TBD

407 Third Semester Hmong – 4 cr., I / Lee, Choua

409 Third Semester Indonesian – 4 cr., I / Barnard, Erlin

453 Third Semester Hindi – 4cr., I / TBD

463 Third Semester Persian – 4cr., I / TBD

469 Third Semester Modern Tibetan - 4cr, I / Khedup, Jampa

471 Third Semester Urdu – 4 cr., I / TBD

507 Fifth Semester Hmong – 3 cr., A, H / Lee, Choua

509 Fifth Semester Indonesian – 3 cr, A, H / Barnard, Erlin

517 Fifth Semester Thai – 3 cr., A, H / TBD

519 Fifth Semester Vietnamese – 3 cr., A, H / Dinh, Hong

531 Fifth Semester Kazak – 3 cr., A, H / TBD

553 Fifth Semester Hindi – 3cr., A, H / TBD

563 Fifth Semester Persian – 3cr., A, H / TBD

571 Fifth Semester Urdu – 3cr., A, H / TBD

601 Seventh Semester Asian Language – 3 cr, A

Lec 003 Seventh Semester Indonesian / Barnard, Erlin

Lec 004 Seventh Semester Hindi / TBD

675 Advanced Readings in Sanskrit – 3 cr., A, H / Dunne, John





310 (Lec 001) Archaeological Exploration of East & SE Asia – 3 cr., I, Z / Kim, Nam

310 (Lec 002) Archaeology of South Asia: Indus Civilization / Kenoyer, Jonathan



105 (Sem 002) The Monstrous & Supernatural in Japanese Visual Culture [FIG] / Phillips, Gene

308 Later Chinese Art: From the 10th C. to the Present – 3 cr., I, H / Li, Yuhang

411 (Lec 001) Beijing: Staging Royalty in Late Imperial China – 3 cr., I, A, H/ Li, Yuhang
Prereq: Sophomore standing

478 (Lec 001) Art and Religious Practice in Medieval Japan – 3 cr., I H / Phillips, Gene
Prereq: Knowledge of Asian religion recommended

500 (Sem 001) Taste – 3 cr., I, A, H / Chopra, Preeti



101 Introduction to Asian American Studies – 3 cr., E, S, ES

121 Asian American Movement – 3 cr., E, ES

150 Literature & Culture of Asian Americans – 3 cr., E, L, ES

152 Asian American Literature and Popular Culture: Race, Fantasy, Futures – 3 cr., E, L, ES

160 Asian American History: Movement and Dislocation – 4 cr., E, H, ES

220 Ethnic Movements in the United States – 4 cr., I, Z, ES, Com B
Prereq: sophomore standing

240 (Lec 001) Hmong American Experience in the U.S. – 3 cr., I, ES

560 (Lec 001) Asian Am Pan-Ethnicity & Community Organizing – 3 cr., I, H, ES

560 (Lec 002) Afro-Asian Improv: Hip Hop and Martial Arts Fusion – 3 cr., I, H, ES / Choy, Peggy



347 Race, Ethnicity, and Media – 3 cr., I, H, ES



358 (Lec 001) Heroic Epic India & Greece – 3 cr., I, L
Prereq: Jr standing or 2 semesters of Lit



1 (Lab 010) Chinese Dance – 1 cr

121 (Lab 001) Asian American Movement – 3 cr., E, ES



477 (Lec 001) Diaspora and Theatre – 3 cr., A, L / Dharwadker, Aparna
Prereq: sophomore standing



557 Development and Environment in Southeast Asia – 3 cr., A, S / Baird, Ian
Prereq: sophomore standing



201 (Lec 004) Postcolonialism & the Problems of Global Modernity – 3 cr., I, H, Com B / Murthy, Viren

319 The Vietnam Wars – 4 cr., I, Z / McCoy, Alfred
Prereq: Sophomore standing

463 Empires of the East: Eurasia, Indian Ocean – 3 cr., I, Z, Grad / Wink, Andre
Prereq: Sophomore standing

600 (Sem 007) Empire & Revolution SEAsia – 3 cr., A, Z, Grad / McCoy, Alfred
Prereq: Junior or Senior standing 



231 Manga– 3 CR., E, H / Kern, Adam

261 Survey of Chinese Lit in Translation – 3 cr., E, L / TBD

263 Survey of Japanese Lit in Translation – 3 cr., E,L / Kern, Adam



103 Music Cultures of the World – 2 cr., E, H



304 (Lec 003) Wisdom Traditions of the World – 3 cr., I, H



328 Politics of East and SE Asia – 3 cr., I, Z / Jung, Eunsook
Prereq: sophomore standing



102 Exploring Religion in Sickness and Health – 3 cr., E, Z

173 Consuming Happiness – 3 cr., E

200 (Lec 001) The Art & Science of Human Flourishing – 3 cr., E, H / Dunne, John


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